Practice: a design accelerator.



Practice is a design accelerator that empowers recent graduates to bring form to an idea. Join a diverse team of forward thinkers for 10 weeks, learn how to design the moments that matter, and deliver a unique experience to the world.


Practice is a team of five, carefully selected emerging creative problem solvers, who want to use the power of design to create amazing solutions to real world problems.

With diverse backgrounds and skills, they each contribute expertise to their challenge. The result is a robust and widely capable team, equipped with guidance from industry veterans and experienced clients who solve a large scale problem as a team.

10 weeks
5 people
5 disciplines
1 invention

Come design for the moments that matter and set the stage for the rest of your career.

F5: Subject experts and mentors.

Experts &

We hand select 5 world-renowned multi-disciplinary experts and collaborators to share insights, trends and future visions around the idea we are exploring. The ideas exchanged provoke and inspire the creative process.


Last year’s Practice class was focused on bringing form to the idea of Sound. Through exploration of themes such as learning, healing, communicating and mood through prototypes, immersive experiences, and research, we identified the moments that matter to Sound that we wanted to explore : moments of sensemaking, moments of listening, moments of awareness and moments of connection. Since Sound is intangible yet unifies us all, we created an engine that visualized and communicated the scale, composition and frequency of sounds ranging from human voices to conversational interface in a way that allowed us to increase our awareness and connection, listen better and make sense of our world.

The project has since transformed into a visualized language which can communicate large data sets even beyond Sound. One demonstration of this exploration was an exhibition at the IAM conference in Barcelona, where guests were invited to discover the intricacies of micro-interactions occurring in real time online. Framed as Micro-Utopias, or Dystopias, these interactions fed into the larger theme of the conference this year, and brought to life a physical and visual manifestation of the ephemeral world we increasingly inhabit.